Sunday, July 31, 2011

Woman to Woman

Dear Friend,
Why are you crying? Dry your eyes! No need to be angry. He is just doing what he's supposed to do. You know he is a dishonest person so why do you continue to play the fool with him? You must have thought it was okay Friday night because you allowed him to put his hands all over you. You know he has a girlfriend, so you are not innocent in this at all! Furthermore, she's not innocent either because she knows about you, and she knows you like to read her facebook page Yeah, that guy got you cyber stalking his girlfriend and him!  The only reason why she keeps putting his business out their like that is to make you jealous! She knows that she can tell everyone about them and what they do, and you can't because if you begin to tell about what you do with HER man, it will look like you are either lying, or wanting what she has!  She is right about one thing and that is you do what want what she has. But do you really? He is a liar, a very good one at that because his girlfriend believes that he is still her man, even when he cheats on her. Sweetie, don't you know that as soon as you started to accept him as a liar, he will then continue to lie? If he lies to her, then he will lie to you. Do you really want that? Is that the kind of man you want to raise a family with? Could you ever trust him? Now, I know its difficult to hear but I'm only telling you what I know to be true. I'm telling you this because I love you and care for you. You are like a sister to me and I can't stand by and watch you willingly play the fool for a man that don't love you or care enough for you to mow your yard when it needs mowing or kill yellow jackets in your yard! Has he ever done that for you? As a matter of fact, what has he ever done for you besides sexing you whenever you wanted? Nothing.
My dear, you have the power to overcome him and his deceitful lust that has you so bound to him. He will only treat you the way you allow him to treat you. You need to put your foot down! STOP! NO MORE! As long as you continue to sleep with him, he will continue to be unfaithful and not just with you, but with anyone he makes a covenant with. I'm sorry to tell you this but it is in his nature. It is what he does. I mean he gave you all the signs, overly flirtatious, never making any solid plans to spend time with you, being secretive and telling you just enough to get you to stop asking questions. And he would always text you instead of calling you on the phone. What more do you need? Oh yeah, remember how you used to complain that every time he visits, he either wants to have sex or sleep and after he does either one, he is out the door? Wow, if that's not proof enough to kick this no name joker to the curb, I don't know what is. I bet he is not that way with her. With her he takes his time, stays a bit longer at her house, mows her yard and does anything and everything she needs done. He'll probably end up taking her to Jamaica, and where will you be? Enjoying their vacation through photos via facebook! Sure they may not see each other everyday but I'm sure he calls her everyday. How many times does he call you? Oh thats right, you have to send him a text that says "call me whenever you get a minute", then he will call you back whenever he is free,  or in the bathroom away from his girlfriend!
I think its time you  closed this chapter of you life and move on to something greater. You have wasted 3 years of your life waiting on him to love you. Stop waiting on some guy who will never love you right. While you are sitting at home waiting on him to call you and put you first, you could be spending time and cultivating healthy relationships with someone who really cares for you. So honey don't get mad about who he's spending his time with. Forget about that loser and move on! Only losers fellowship with other losers, and you my dear are a winner! As long as you keep waiting on him the best years of your life will be gone!
Do what is right and allow someone to come in your life to love you the way God wants you to be loved.

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